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We provide top-notch vehicle tracking solutions

Our company offers an extensive range of GPS tracking devices and other solutions required by transportation companies and other organizations to make sure their drivers follow the set route. We do not only offer GPS tracking systems, but also sell licenses for our products and technologies to be integrated into products of other companies.

At GPS Tracking Qatar, We help you for transport, logistics, fleet and emergency service clients improve the way their employees drive, communicate and promote safety, while significantly reducing their vehicle running costs.

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A GPS fleet tracking system that revolutionizes fleet management

  • Unlimited Landmarks
  • Real-Time Locate on Demand
  • Historical Vehicle Movements
  • Two Way Messaging
  • Instant Alerts by Text/Email
  • Color Coded Vehicle Status
  • Power Take-Off (PTO) Logging
  • Maintenance Alerts & Reports
  • GeoFence Breach Alerts
  • After Hours Monitoring
  • Open API & Data Pump
  • Speed Reporting & Alerts
  • Vehicle Diagnostics
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring
  • ELDs/HOS Hours of Service

Bus management system minding your safety on the road

To face challenges on bus security, management, and charging, our company provides a telematics and integrated solution for bus management. Bus-related data can be automatically collected and conversed by digital devices and then transmitted to the bus management center at a specific time point or in real time through GPRS/3G/4G network.

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GPS tracking applications

GPS tracking for professionals

Law enforcement agencies can take advantage of the ability to locate anyone using our GPS trackers.

With highly accurate unlimited real-time and historical GPS data, such as location, departure time, arrival time, and distance, law enforcement agencies can cut cost, increase efficiency and safety.

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Benefits Of GPS Vehicle Tracking Devices

Improved productivity and fewer calls to drivers

Whilst it’s important to be able to contact drivers about changes in pickups, deliveries and service calls, the frequent calls asking “Where are you now?” is highly distracting to the driver and is also a very inefficient use of the driver’s time and the time of your head office staff. Imagine the time wasted with a fleet of business vehicles!

Improved customer service with GPS vehicle tracking devices

Rather than giving customers approximate times, the main office can easily see exactly where the driver is now, and how far away from the customer they are. This makes it very easy for the business to inform customers about pickup, delivery or service arrival times down to 5 minutes accuracy, if required.

OH&S: health and safety of field staff and drivers

Also too is not being able to reach a particular driver after a long period of time. By seeing their location on a map from the data from the GPS vehicle tracking device and how long their vehicle has been stationery can at least make it easier and more timely to respond to any potential safety issue for the driver.

Fast vehicle recovery

If the unfortunate happens and one of your fleet vehicles is stolen, knowing it’s exact location using the GPS vehicle tracking device allows you (or the police) to recover your vehicle quickly thereby reducing vandalism and damage. Also, quick response to theft greatly increases the likelihood of the vehicle’s recovery before it’s stripped down.

Automatic theft / unauthorised use notification

If your vehicles are left at your work premises, yard, depot or some other frequent parking spot, you can receive instant, automatic notification by SMS text or email if your vehicle leaves that area. That way you quickly know if one of your staff have moved the vehicle without your permission or if it is being stolen.

Maximize your business vehicle assets

Using such reporting functionality you can see if any vehicles are being over or under utilized and make better business decisions of the use of these assets. This is another efficiency boost for your business.

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