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About Us

We are recognized leader in the GPS fleet management industry in Qatar and our Fleet Tracking solution sets the standard for excellence and performance. We offer an extensive range of GPS tracking devices and other solutions required by transportation companies and other organizations to make sure their drivers follow the set route. We do not only offer GPS tracking systems, but also sell licenses for our products and technologies to be integrated into products of other companies.

Our team is committed to providing quality tracking systems that offer higher value at a lower cost, backed by a customer support staff that places our customers’ needs first.

GPS Tracking Systems control over your vehicles

  • The GPS Tracking Pro is our newest passive GPS tracker. It monitors detailed vehicle's activity. It’s a perfect GPS tracking system for all kinds of vehicle tracking. The GPS Tracking Device is a pocket-sized device that locates within 2.5 meters and records movement every second. Ideal GPS tracking system for all kinds of vehicle tracking that are widespread. The pro features an internal antenna, external power source option; records driving activity in detail. Long Battery life, the longest lasting gps tracker on the market. Ideal GPS tracker for vehicle tracking.

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Bus management system minding your safety on the road

To face challenges on bus security, management, and charging, our company provides a telematics and integrated solution for bus management. Bus-related data can be automatically collected and conversed by digital devices and then transmitted to the bus management center at a specific time point or in real time through GPRS/3G/4G network.

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GPS tracking applications

GPS tracking for professionals

Law enforcement agencies can take advantage of the ability to locate anyone using our GPS trackers.

With highly accurate unlimited real-time and historical GPS data, such as location, departure time, arrival time, and distance, law enforcement agencies can cut cost, increase efficiency and safety.

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